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  • COVID-19: US Asks Foreign Doctors, Nurses To Reach Out For Work Visas

    Trump Supporters Invade US Capitol Hill

    The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown on Wednesday as Trump supporters stormed the US Congress, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s election.

  • Donald Trump

    US Election Process Worse Than That Of Third World Countries – Trump

    US President Donald Trump ahs said his country’s election is wore than what’s obtainable in third world countries.

  • Democrat Warnock Claims Georgia Senate Seat

    U.S. Democrat Raphael Warnock has claimed a historic victory in his Georgia senate race, against Republican Kelly Loeffler.

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    Health Workers In New York Scared Of COVID-19 Vaccine

    Thirty per cent of medical personnel in the New York public hospitals are scared of taking COVID-19 vaccines, Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed.

  • China Blocks WHO Team From Probing COVID-19 Origin

    World Health Organisation boss, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was “very disappointed” that China has foot-dragged authorising the entry of a team of experts to examine the origins of the coronavirus.

  • UK Orders Lockdown Over Coronavirus

    COVID-19: UK PM Announces England-Wide Full Lockdown

    Nearly 56 million people in England will return to a full coronavirus lockdown, possibly until mid-February, to try to cut spiralling infection rates, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday. The measures, which include the closure of primary and secondary schools, will come into effect Wednesday, he said in a televised address, after Scotland announced similar measures would come into force from midnight (0000 GMT) on Tuesday. Some 44 million people or three-quarters of the population of England are already living under the toughest restrictions, as Britain grapples with one of the worst mortality rates from coronavirus in the world. But they have failed to halt an upward trend in positive cases, which have been blamed on a more infectious new variant. Johnson said that as of Monday, almost 27,000 people with Covid were in hospital — 40 percent more than at the peak of first wave of the outbreak on April last year. Last Tuesday, more than 80,000 people tested positive in just 24 hours. “With most of the country already under extreme measures, it’s clear that we need to do more, together, to bring this new variant under control while our vaccines are rolled out,” he said. “In …

  • Jack Ma Sets Alibaba Resignation Date

    Billionaire Jack Ma Reportedly Missing After Fallout With Chinese Govt

    The Chinese tech billionaire behind Asia’s version of Amazon has reportedly not been seen in public for more than two months after falling foul of President Xi Jinping.

  • COVID-19: US Asks Foreign Doctors, Nurses To Reach Out For Work Visas

    Trump Defends Call For Georgia Recalculation

    US President Donald Trump on Saturday pressed Georgia’s secretary of state for a recalculation of votes in Georgia, a state he lost in the November presidential election.

  • Donald Trump

    US Officials Reject Trump Claims On Toll, Defend Vaccine Rollout

    US officials on Sunday rejected Donald Trump’s claim that the national Covid-19 death toll of more than 350,000 has been exaggerated, but defended the stumbling campaign to vaccinate millions of Americans. Some 4.2 million people in the US have received initial doses of the two-dose vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna — far below official predictions of 20 million by the new year. The president blamed local authorities for the delays, tweeting that “the vaccines are being delivered to the states by the Federal Government far faster than they can be administered!” He also claimed that the number of cases and deaths was “far exaggerated” because of a “ridiculous method of determination,” accusing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of a policy of “When in doubt, call it Covid.” In response, top US scientist Anthony Fauci said on ABC that “those are real numbers, real people and real deaths.” Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who was nominated by Trump, told CNN that he saw no reason to question the numbers from the federal CDC. More than 13 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide, but efforts to vaccinate health workers and vulnerable people have been hampered by logistical problems and overstretched hospitals …

  • Nancy Pelosi Re-elected As Speaker Of US House Of Reps

    Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Pelosi got 216 votes to beat Kevin McCarthy of California who received 209. The 80-year-old is the first woman to hold the position for a fourth time with the Democrats controlling the House. McCarthy will lead the Republican party for a second term; the party had controlled the House for eight years. Expressing gratitude for the nomination, Pelosi said, “Each of our communities has been drastically affected by the pandemic and economic crisis: 350,000 tragic deaths, over 20 million infections, millions without jobs – a toll almost beyond comprehension.”

  • Pope Criticises People Going On Holiday To Avoid COVID-19 Lockdowns

    The Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has criticised those who go abroad on holiday just to avoid COVID-19 restrictions. The pontiff said he was saddened by the news that people were fleeing government restrictions to go and seek fun elsewhere. He said this in a video address from the library of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace on Sunday. “They didn’t think about those who were staying at home, of the economic problems of many people who have been hit hard by the lockdown, of the sick people – only about going on holiday and having fun,” he said. “This really saddened me,” he added. CNN reports that the Pope addressed the Catholic faithful from the library instead of the window from St Peter’s Square which usually overlooks a crowd. This was done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “We don’t know what 2021 will reserve for us, but what all of us can do together is make a bit more of an effort to take care of each other. There is the temptation to take care only of our own interests,” he said. In his wishes for the New Year, he said, “What each of us, and all of …

  • Larry King

    Larry King Hospitalized With COVID-19

    Veteran talk show host Larry King has been hospitalized with Covid-19, US media reported Saturday. Citing a “source close to the family,” CNN reported that King, one of the network’s biggest stars, has been hospitalized for more than a week at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. King, 87, has Type 2 diabetes and has had a long history of medical issues, including several heart attacks, lung cancer and angina, a condition caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. The legendary host is one of the most recognizable figures on US television, known for his signature rolled-up shirtsleeves, multi-colored ties, suspenders and big glasses. His list of interviewees has ranged from every US president since 1974 to world leaders Yasser Arafat and Vladimir Putin, and celebrities Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Barbra Streisand. King hosted CNN’s “Larry King Live” for 25 years, retiring in 2010. He continued to do interviews on his own website and then, in 2012, he began hosting “Larry King Now” on Ora TV, an on-demand digital network that he co-founded. In 2013, he also began hosting a show called “Politicking with Larry King” on Ora TV.

  • Joe Biden

    11 US Republican Senators To Challenge Biden’s Presidential Election Win

    A group of 11 Republican senators and senators-elect on Saturday said that they intend to appeal the upcoming certification of the results of the presidential election. The group, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, in a joint statement said that they will vote against the certification of electors from states where U.S. President Donald Trump has disputed Democrat Joe Biden’s win in the November election. The 11 Republicans justified their plans by claiming that the election “featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations and lax enforcement of election law, and other voting irregularities. “We intend to vote on Jan. 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the statutory requisite), unless and until (an) emergency 10-day audit is completed,” they said in the statement. In a separate action, Senator Josh Hawley had previously said he would join with some House Republicans to object to the certification of the election results. Trump, with the support of many congressional Republicans, has been promoting unfounded claims that the election was rigged against him, but has provided no proof that swayed any court to his side. His legal team has lost dozens of cases in the courts, …

  • latest Coronavirus news

    COVID-19: Germany’s Cases, Deaths Recede On New Year’s Day

    On the first day of the new year, German health authorities reported 12,690 new coronavirus infections and 336 new deaths linked to the disease, lower than on previous days.

  • ECOWAS Warns Of COVID-19 Spike Over Breach Of Protocols In Niger Republic Elections

    The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) election monitoring group in Niger has condemned the flagrant disregard for COVID-19 protocols by electors in Niger Republic

  • Donald Trump

    Trump Signs $900bn COVID Relief Bill

    After delaying for nearly a week and under pressure from all sides, US President Donald Trump finally signed a massive $900 billion stimulus bill Sunday, in a long-sought boost for millions of Americans and businesses battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Canada Reports First Cases Of COVID-19 Variant

    The first two cases of a particularly infectious coronavirus variant that recently emerged in Britain have been confirmed in Canada, health authorities said Saturday.

  • COVID-19 Will Not Be Last Pandemic In The World – WHO

    The World Health Organization, WHO, has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be the last in the world.

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump

    Biden Rebukes Trump Over Refusal To Sign Aid Bill

    Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump earned a sharp rebuke from President-elect Joe Biden as Trump refused to sign the $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package.

  • Christmas: Explosion Rocks US City Of Nashville

    An explosion occurred Christmas morning in Nashville, capital of the U.S. State of Tennessee.

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