Wike A Role Model Politician – Donald Duke

The former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, has hailed Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State as a politician who is a role model.

Duke said this when he visited Rivers where he commissioned the Okoro-Nu-Odo Flyover and other projects initiated by the state.

He said, “You may not always agree with Governor Wike, later on, you’ll understand the wisdom of his stance. But you are never in doubt where he stands on any issues and that’s leadership.

“Today, we are celebrating many things he has done, the development of a community, the prosperity that will be brought in, leaving the community better than he met it and of course, we are saying thank you that we have a leader who is very rare to find in our country, that is people who say what they mean and mean what they say.”

Wike on the occasion, said, “I thank everybody for your support. Our party is not a party of excuses. When we say something, we do it. Let other parties emulate us. They should not be promising Nigerians and be giving excuses.

“We have promised and we have fulfilled. When they (APC) make a promise, they should fulfil it. PDP has done all its campaigns in this state. Let the other parties come to tell us what they will do differently or had done while in office. Time is already gone for them.”

On the newly delivered flyover, he said, “To the paramount rulers of Rumuokoro Community and Rumuodumaya Community, tell your youths and CDCs, who are always collecting money here, I will not tolerate anybody who will covert this flyover as a trading place.

“We cannot spend this money here and you turn this place into a market. I will not accept that. We have built a market and motor park for you. Go and use them for your business activities.

“I have told the GOC of the 6 Division and the Garrison commander to tell all their men to stop what they’re doing on this road. They collect money and allow people to sell on the road.

“We won’t tolerate it again. Leave our road; this is not market, nobody should trade here. Allow people to enjoy the road.”

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