What Mourinho Did When I Had A Heart Problem – Cassilas

Iker Cassilas

Iker Cassilas (AS photo)

Former Spain goalkeeper, Iker Cassilas has revealed that Tottenham Hotspurs manager Jose Mourinho was the first to show concern about his heart problem.

Mourinho was manager to Cassilas during his days at Real Madrid.

Cassilas suffered a heart attack in May 2019 which has prevented him from playing football ever since.

He has now revealed that Mourinho called him on phone after learning that he had suffered heart attack at FC Porto.

“You can become closer to people perhaps you weren’t as close to before.

“A lot of people don’t know for example that my old manager Mourinho was the first person who was concerned with what happened to me and then later with my wife,” Casillas told ESPN Deportes of the aftermath of his heart attack.


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