We’ll Expose Those Behind Herdsmen Terror In Oyo — Amotekun

The Oyo State Security Network Agency, Amotekun, has said that it has discovered that the Fulani herdsmen who engage in criminal activities in the state are not Nigerians

This is according to the Chairman, Gen. Kunle Togun (retd), who spoke in an exclusive chat with Vanguard.

He said: “The Army will never tell you how they will counter Boko Haram. We can’t be telling people this and that. It will be tantamount to exposing our security plans which is not in tandem with security issues. It’s not done in security.

“What people should understand is that this is a security agency and security operations are secret. So, we can’t be revealing our plans because people will sabotage it.”

When asked about the achievements of the outfit and how to forge ahead in ensuring peace reigns in the Pacesetter State, he simply said: “There is a time, probably next Friday or early next week, when we shall invite the press for a briefing. It is there we shall give details of what is happening, our challenges, and what we expect from people. We are planning that.

“Some of the achievements we have made are not known to people because we don’t talk.

“We’ll show them with evidence especially those making noise that those Fulani herders troubling us are Nigerians. We have credible evidence that they are not Nigerians. We will show the whole world all their activities and those Nigerians who are supporting them in gaining entry into the country.

“We have started clearing some of them out of Oke Ogun. That day, people will know how far we have gone.”

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