Unrepentant Tribalist, Afenifere Slams Buhari Over Appointments

Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari for saying his appointments were based on merits.

The group’s Secretary General, Chief Sola Ebiseni described Buhari as an “unrepentant tribalist” due to the leaning of his appointments.

”He is pathetically unschooled in the constitution which he often claims to guide him in spite of its manifest flaws,” Afenifere noted.

The groups also said appointment into the armed forces according to the constitution is to satisfy geopolitical zones and not based on merit.

”Even his latest appointment of the Chief of Army Staff, is flawed particularly on seniority,” Afenifere said.

“The constitution never contemplates nor approves of the situation under Buhari where 90% of the commanding heights of the armed forces and security architecture will be from only northern Nigeria and only the two zones of North East and North West.

“In any case, anyone familiar with the history of Buhari leadership will appreciate that he is the only Nigerian leader, even among military Heads of state, whose government, himself, second in command as Chief of staff Supreme headquarters (Idiagbon) and top echelon were all northerners. It was after his death that many Nigerians knew Idiagbon was Fulani of Ilorin,” it further stated.

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