UCL: Referee Told Us To F**k Off – PSG Players

Paris Saint-Germain midfielders Ander Herrera and Marco Verratti have both accused the referee of saying the F-word to them in their 2-0 loss to Manchester City.

The second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final was played in England with City defeating the visitors whom they won 2-1 in Paris in the first leg.

Angel Di Maria was sent off by the referee after a tackle against Fernandinho. The game boiled afterwards with many PSG players approaching the referee with complaints.

Herrera said after the match: ”The referee tonight said f**k off to Leandro Paredes. If we say that we get a 3 or 4 match ban.”

And Verratti echoed those claims. He said: “The referee also told me ‘f*** you’ twice. For them it’s normal, if you say that it’s ten matches [ban]. I talk a lot to the referee but I don’t say that.”

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