She Slept With Everyone At Inter, AC Milan – Perez Reveals What Mourinho Said About Ozil’s Girlfriend

Real Madrid President, Fiorentino Perez, has said the club’s former manager, Jose Mourinho, once revealed that midfielder Mesut Ozil was dating a girl whom many in the profession of football had slept with.

This was disclosed in a leaked tape from 2012 were released by Spanish newspaper, El Confidencial.

Speaking about Ozil, Perez said, “[Ozil] came here aged 21. He is third generation Turk and then he discovers Madrid. There was nothing, no Turks, dicks, third generation or girlfriend.

“He sent his girlfriend away and changed his lifestyle, falling for an Italian model from Milan. He had a private jet, so he would fly out there, have sex and come back.

“Then one day, he annoyed Jose Mourinho, who jokingly said ‘Hey Ozil, idiot, let me tell you something as if I were your father, because this girl you’re going out with has f**ked everyone at Inter and AC Milan, including the coaching staff of both teams.’ [Ozil] ended up leaving her.”

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