Satguru Maharaji Teaches General Public How To Address Him

Satguru Maharaji Teaches General Public How To Address Him
Sat Guru Maharaji .Source: Guardian

Satguru Maharaji Ji has called on journalist and the general public to henceforth address him as “The Living Perfect Master of this Age.”

The founder of One Love Family made this known while addressing a press conference at his Satguru Maharaj Ji village in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

“So, please, journalist, the real address is Satguru Maharaj Ji, The Living Perfect Master of this age. The saviour of this time, the dustbin of life, The Al Mahdi, The Christ of this time, The world Teacher and you leave the people to try, test and see whether it is true or not.

“But, let me warn you against further junks about my person to avoid interminable karma that will befall you and your family so you are warned.

“Behave yourself because ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

“Satguru Maharaj Ji is not a clergy man, he is not the living perfect master for the one love family, neither is he the savoir for Nigeria and Africa but the living perfect master of the entire universe, the savoir of the universe.

“Satguru Maharaj Ji is saying you can see God alive. You can communicate with God within you. With His Divine Knowledge, He reveals the God in you.

“My people, Maharaj Ji is your father, the father of creation the only one that can give you peace of mind and swallow all your problems”

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