Reuben Abati Raises Questions Over Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

Reuben Abati, a former presidential aide has raised questions over the lavish burial ceremony thrown by Obi Cubana for his late mother.

Hundreds of cows were reportedly slaughtered for the event which was the talk of the town and had in attendance socialites and celebrities.

Reacting to the display of wealth, Abati asked, “Does he even have siblings or extended family members?”

“Obi Cubana has every right to bury his mother the way he wants. But who is he? How did he make his money? How much tax does he pay to the Nigerian government?

“I am not sure half of the people at the event even know who Cubana’s mother was,” he wrote.

“What kind of person was she? How did she relate within the community? Did she ever see, handle, spend, a bundle of crisp Naira notes in her lifetime?

“Who are Obi Cubana’s family members? Does he even have siblings or extended family members?”

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