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  • Nigerian Government To Introduce New Visa Policy

    My Visa Denial Experience: What You Should Avoid

    My US visa application was denied recently and based on this experience, I decided to share tips on what you should avoid when applying for US visa or any visa at all. I believe all my readers can learn a thing or two from this. So let’s start with general overview of any visa application; Almost all visa applications begins with completing an electronic/online or paper form, which in my case was the D160 form. The form will asks for information from your passport, date of previous travel, work experience, education history among other questions. You may also be required to provide username of your social media accounts used in the past 5 years. To avoid any mishap and have a successful application, I have listed a few tips below you should adhere to starting from the point you start filling out the visa application form to the visa interview room. 1. If you are asked to submit your social media account username Make sure you clean your social media page off anything that suggest violence, religious extremism, homophobia etc. 2. Pay attention to details and avoid error Your information should be correct and complete. Check dates and check for …

  • tb joshua, okotie

    Between TB Joshua And Okotie BY Femi Fani-Kayode

    “Africans do not celebrate great men. They rather take delight in celebrating mediocre men. Africans happily destroy great men and if possible look for their mistakes to nail them. So sad that they destroyed Prophet T.B. Joshua on a daily basis. Finally, he has left them and what he was doing, they can’t do! Evil continent!”- Prophet (Dr.) Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church International, Accra, Ghana. Prophet Emmanuel Kobi has spoken the truth and he has spoken for millions. I commend his courage. Sadly Pastor Kris Okotie of Household of God Church International has taken another course and confirmed Kobi’s concerns about the nature of the African. Whilst the rest of the world is busy mourning Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue of All Nations (SCOAN) and celebrating his outstanding ministry and legacy, Okotie has chosen to slander him in the most grievous manner even whilst his body still remains in the mortuary! He has said the most uncharitable and unprintable things about the Prophet which I refuse to repeat here. I am always reluctant to join issues publicly with men and women of God but Okotie’s insults on my friend and brother, who is no longer here …

  • FG Rules Out Buhari Resigning Over Insecurity

    Twitter Suspension: Why You Must Steer Clear Of Free VPN

    1. They log and sell your data As mentioned, free VPNs may provide relatively decent security (depending on the service) and help you hide from outside threats. But, what about the service itself? Since free VPNs do not receive money from their users, they have to find alternative methods of funding themselves. They often end up logging your data, such as location, browsing history, and alike — and selling it to advertisers. They won’t openly announce it, but you might find that they keep the right to do so in their privacy policy. 2. They will ruin the experience with ads Alternatively, they might bombard you with ads, as they can also profit from showing them directly to their users. Advertising is a big part of the online world of today, and advertisers are always looking for new methods to expose products and services to large numbers of customers. Showing them to users of VPNs won’t have the same impact as showing them on Facebook, but it will also cost them a lot less. Meanwhile, the VPN itself is looking to earn money, and if that means showing a bunch of ads to their users, who are using the service …

  • Reno Omokri (source: Instagram)

    Twitter: The National Interest Should Be Above The Individual Interest

    The suspension of the operations of Twitter in Nigeria announced earlier today by the Buhari administration is not in keeping with democracy, the rule of law, and the independence of the media. Additionally, it will affect the right to free speech guaranteed to all Nigerians by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigerian, 1999 (as amended). Understandably, the Buhari administration is upset by the disciplinary actions meted on President Muhammadu Buhari by Twitter after he violated their Terms of Use. However, they must note that Nigeria is more than the feelings of one individual. At all times, the government’s actions must be guided by the rule of law and not the whims and caprices of whoever is in power. Power is ephemeral and should bow to the law. It is not too late to revisit this hasty action, and I urge the federal government to see reason and reconsider its actions, knowing that it rose to power, in no small part due to Twitter.

  • Buhari Eases COVID-19 Lockdown In Abuja, Lagos, Ogun (Full Speech)

    Why We Should Change Nigeria To UAR (United African Republic) By Canih28

    1) Countries that have acronyms beginning with U are bad bitches Most of the countries with acronyms starting with U are usually in control of some sort of world power. Look at USA, UK and UAE. Emulating the good processes they went through to get their countries to be so powerful is stressful and will take time. So, just change the name and begin to manifest 2) At our old age, we are still bearing the name a white woman gave us Nigeria is going to mark 61 years of independence in 2021, but we are still bearing the name a white woman gave us? O wrong nau. We need to really prove “we was Kings”, so a new name is in order. 3) A chance to boost creative spirit With this new name, a lot of new slangs will need to be created. Naija can no longer exist, so maybe UARija. Either way, it will give Nigerians UARians a chance to come up with some new slang. That might keep us busy for another three to four years so we don’t notice how the country is not progressing. 4) We are a very united country How else can we prove that …

  • Fani-Kayode

    I Suddenly Remembered Why I Fell In Love With The President By Femi Adesina

    President Muhammadu Buhari spoke on Tuesday, warning troublemakers in the country that the picnic was over, and the next day, I saw this comment online from a Buharist, as lovers and admirers of the President are known: “I just finished watching the President on TV reading the riot act to troublemakers, and I couldn’t be prouder of the President. I suddenly remembered why I fell in love with the President.” That respondent sure spoke the minds of millions of Buharists in Nigeria and the Diaspora. The man we fell in love with is of iron and steel, one ready and willing to knock sense into contumacious heads, whipping everyone into line. And being kind to us in the process. A kind bully, if you like the oxymoron. How did things unfold that Tuesday afternoon, that led President Buhari to make the speech that is perhaps the most epochal in recent times? Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Mahmood Yakubu, had led top guns of the electoral body into the meeting room with the President, shortly before the scheduled time of 3 pm. Like clockwork, President Buhari came in at the dot of the appointed time. He never misses …

  • Femi Adesina

    Buhari Administration At 6: Even The Blind Can See Certain Things By Femi Adesina

    This day six years ago, Muhammadu Buhari was inaugurated into office as President. One can vividly recall the spectacle as he stood ramrod straight on the dais at Eagle Square, taking the oath of allegiance to Nigeria, and promising to belong to everybody, and to nobody. Well, as they say, a lot of waters have passed under the bridge since then. Nigeria has seen a lot of good. Lots and lots of it. The country has equally seen the bad. Lots and lots of it. Seen the ugly too. Lots and lots of it. That’s the way life often goes. A mixed bag. Like being out there on the sea, calm and serene at times, tempestuous and rambunctious at other times. As the Buhari administration clocks six, revisionists will want to paint just a picture of woes, thoroughfare of woes. But reality says no. In the words of former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, “Truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.” No doubt, Nigeria faces a lot of challenges, particularly in the areas of security and the economy. And it has affected the quality of lives of …

  • COVID-19: Buhari Declares Total Lockdown In Kano State

    The Buhari Administration At 6: Counting The Blessings One By One BY Femi Adesina

    The Muhammadu Buhari administration clocks six years May 29, 2021. This milestone affords the opportunity to reflect, and recount the impact that has been made (and is being made) on different sectors of national life. From infrastructure, to finance, education, healthcare, sports, anti-corruption, human development , housing, oil and gas, foreign relations, and many others, the Administration is recording giant strides, enough to make Nigerians proud. That is, those who are dispassionate and fair-minded, not beclouded by political partisanship and undue cynicism. Some people claim: we don’t see what they are doing. We don’t hear about it. Well, here it is. A Fact Sheet, a report card on the Buhari Administration, just a bit of the successes, as the milestone of six years is attained. As it is said, the past is but a story told. The future may yet be written in gold. When the Administration breasts the tape in another two years, by the grace of God, the applause will be resounding, even from the worst of sceptics. Facts are undeniable, and always remain so. They are stubborn things.

  • Boko Haram: Change Of Security Chiefs Won't Guarantee Victory, Presidency Tells CAN

    Ebonyi Gov On IPOB Security Challenges In S’East, 2023 Presidency, Others By Femi Adesina

    Engineer Dave Umahi again! Yes, the Governor of Ebonyi State pulls no punches whenever he decides to speak. No tongue-in-cheek, he just fires from all cylinders. That was what he did when he was special guest at the State House Press Briefing in Abuja last week. There were many issues of concern in his part of the country, and the Governor did not shy away from any. In recent times, police stations, offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and other Federal assets have come under attack in the South East. They have been incinerated, and scores of policemen killed. Whodunnit? Leaders of the region have opted for ‘unknown gunmen,’ perhaps out of fear of being objects of attack themselves. But Umahi was deadpan: “We are the ones killing ourselves, not foreigners. We have to tell ourselves the truth, if we want the problem solved.” The Governor said he may not agree with the formation of the militant wing of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), known as ESN (Eastern Security Network), “but we know why it was formed.” He said it was a direct reaction to the invasion of the region by both local and foreign herdsmen, who attack …

  • Latest World Biafra Online News Update For Today

    OPINION: South-East, Insurgency And Coming Refugee Crisis

    What fuels an insurgency? The combustible mixture of ideology and ignorance. If a clump of uninformed people has an ideology they can die for, they will do the illogical for it. The intercourse of ideology and ignorance does not follow logic. Insurgency ignites and thrives in the residence of seductive dogma. The Igbo hold life dear. The sacrality of life is ensconced in Igbo cosmology. ‘’Igbu ochu’’ (murder) is considered the most deadly sin in Igbo land. In fact, in the old days where murder is committed, the community will have to proceed on many days of cleansing of the land and atonement for the crime. But what changed? It is also popularly assumed that the Igbo are natively non-belligerent and that they cannot in any circumstances resort to taking innocent lives violently. Really, the Igbo are a peaceful people, but recent events in the south-east have cast a doubt on this assumption. Without a doubt, there are genuine grievances regarding the south-east and national government relationship, but these grievances, whether injustice or inequality, are not circumscribed to the south-east. Every Nigerian is aggrieved. Every region — north, south-west, south-south — has a bone to pick with the leadership. All …

  • If You Want To Be Successful Financially, Avoid These Things

    Everybody wants to be successful financially but most people are ignorant of the secrets of financial success Many are dreaming of a day when they will stumble at huge amount of money that will turn their fortune around. Others are not dreaming yet rather they are busy blaming their parents, siblings and the government for their failures. The truth is that financial success comes with good planning, you don’t need to stumble at success, you may not have it even if you stumble at it if you are not prepared for it. To succeed therefore you must be prepared to make it. In this article, I want to tell you the things you must avoid as you prepare for financial success. 1 Avoid careless expenditure Many people think that they need bulk money to be rich. That is why you can see many young men in pool offices, casinos and bet Naija centers as they are looking for bulk money that will turn their fortune around.let me tell you from experience, what you need to be great financially is to carefully handle the money you earn everyday. Everybody that have made it financially will tell you the importance of savings …

  • Sarina Wiegman

    If You Don’t Want People To Disrespect You, Stop Doing These 10 Things By Vipro

    Recently, a friend told me about an embarrassing situation he experienced. He attended a small party and out of all the attendees, he was the only one that was not served food. Sincerely, I couldn’t control my laughter when he was recounting his story because it sounded funny. With a frown on his face, he said “I wasn’t invited to the party anyway”. At that point, I knew he was at fault. A wise man once told me that respect can only be earned, not forced. It implies that before people can respect you, there is a price to pay; you need to be worthy of it. When people respect you, they place you in high regard and value your opinion. They don’t belittle you or make you feel worthless. Also, they treat you specially. For instance, my friend was not respected at the party he attended. He even said the host didn’t even acknowledge his presence. That’s disappointing! Whether you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, good-looking or not, you deserve to be respected. Respect feeds the ego and makes us feel good. So, if you don’t want people to disrespect you, stop doing these 10 things; 1. Stop …

  • segalink

    What Genuine Men Of God Should Remind Themselves Of —  Segalink

    My feelings are not God. God is God Almighty. My feelings do not define Truth. God’s Word defines Truth. My feelings are echoes and responses to what my mind perceives. And sometimes, many times for that matter, my feelings are out of sync with the Truth. When that happens…and it happens everyday in some measure, I try not to bend the Truth to justify my imperfect feelings, but rather, I plead with God: Purify my perceptions of your Truth and transform my feelings so that they are in sync with the Truth. Religious leaders are taking advantage of the hardship cum the people’s need for the face of God in this period of critical uncertainty. They lie brazenly before God’s people and believe their own lies. Every voice that tries to caution them becomes the voice of the enemy trying to pull them down and out of sync in their toil towards megalomania and earthly pursuits.

  • Obasanjo: Lest We Forget

    The great emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius did not want any of his children to succeed him as emperor! He was so disturbed about the vain disposition of children raised at the Domus Aurelius and therefore tended toward the Epicurean life style and also prone to being tossed here and there by un-wanton emotionalism. Political theorists have debated the kind of persons that will rule and those that will never rule. Aurelius believed that the stoic mindset must be the ontological disposition of any ruler who understands the urgent necessity of protecting and prospering the realm. Aurelius was not lucky, his Son Commodus killed him and became emperor and foisted on Rome a sorry atmosphere of decline and immorality; the rest is history. In Africa we have seen many leaders whose only mission has been to fill the belly, make merry and wax philosophical while the realm is plundered. Africa is known for intractable miseries, miseries that are unnecessary given the immensity of resources available. But still leadership has not worked. It is only natural for anyone who understands how life ought to be lived to look at Africa and shudder at the colosal waste that lies therein. Why is …

  • OPINION: From Hushpuppi To Sandy Tang By Oludayo Tade

    Twelve months ago, Ramoni Abbas (37 years) popular known as ‘Hushpuppi’ was arrested in Dubai for alleged money laundering from business email compromise fraud and other scams which targeted firms, and an English premier league. He made a total sum of $435million after defrauding 1,926,400 victims. A year after, Abidemi Rufai (also known as ‘Sandy Tang’), a Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties to Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, was also arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, at John F Kennedy Airport, New York over criminal complaint of defrauding Washington State Employment Security Department of $350,000 (N144,375,000). The ‘stolen’ funds were pandemic relief designed by the Washington State for people who might have suffered job losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fraud incident occurred during lockdown and the investigation bureau began tracking the alleged fraudster who would have been at the Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives ‘making laws’ if he had not lost the Ijebu North/Ijebu East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency election to Adekoya Adesegun of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The fraud was perpetrated by stealing identities of more than 100 Washington residents and filing falsified claims with the Employment Security Department, ESD, for pandemic-related …

  • southern governors

    [OPINION] The Asaba Declaration by Southern Governors – Reuben Abati

    On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 17 Governors of the Southern States of Nigeria met in Asaba, Delta State to discuss issues of common interest. They came up with a 12-point communique in which they raised key issues about the future of Nigeria and the Southern region. This was not the first time Southern Governors would meet under the same roof. They are all members of the Nigerian Governors Forum –a pan-Nigeria Forum for all CEOs of Nigeria’s sub-nationals. There is also the Progressive Governors’ Forum which is the umbrella body of the Governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling party in Nigeria. There is the Northern Governors Forum. Nigeria also has the North East Governors Forum. The South West Governors Forum. The South East Governors Forum. And the PDP Governors Forum. But the meeting of the Southern Governors attracted special interest for a number of reasons: the symbolism of it, the timing (at a time of serious existential crisis in the country), its bi-partisan character and the weightiness of the outcome.  The 17 Southern Governors comprise 9 Governors of the Peoples Democratic Party, seven Governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and one Governor of the All Progressives …

  • State Governors And The Many Fruitless Security Meetings In Aso Rock

    Nigeria is presently experiencing one of its worst security challenges since the end of the civil war on January 15, 1970. Just like the civil war where the immediate causes, in 1966, were more than one — ethnoreligious violence, a military coup, a counter-coup, persecution of Igbo living in Northern Nigeria, and control over the lucrative oil production in the Niger Delta — the current security challenges are caused by Boko Haram terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and unknown gunmen among others. I do not wish to bring back the memory of the outcome of the 1967-1970 civil war, but I wish to state that just as Nigerians died during that period, many Nigerians are dying daily today as a result of insecurity. So far in 2021, which is just five months old, or less, all six geo-political zones in Nigeria have experienced preventable killings. In the north-central which has seven states comprising Niger, Kogi, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Kwara, and FCT, two of those states (Niger and Benue) have suffered massive deaths. On March 26, there was news that dozens of motorcycle-riding assailants called bandits opened fire on vigilantes in an ambush outside Kotonkoro village in Mariga district in Niger state, killing …

  • Coronavirus: Sanusi's Test Result Revealed After Meeting With El-Rufai

    OPINION: Sanusi’s Transformational Quest For Building Future Leaders

    Regardless of the past and current successes recorded in any society, the future remains hinged on the caliber of leaders in the making, this is because a time will come when the baton of leadership must necessarily be passed on to another generation. One of Nigeria’s exemplary leaders, HH Muhammad Sanusi II’s ongoing efforts at raising quality future leaders therefore represents a beacon of hope for this national quest. Over the years, we have seen and heard of many exceptional leaders in Nigeria, however, not many have remained relevant after their stints in public offices, even when they still could have held up the torch to illuminate the path for younger leaders, they rather chose to retire into oblivion, taking with them their mentoring capital, which is in very high demand. It is therefore noteworthy that HH Muhammad Sanusi II, having embodied exemplary leadership both in public and traditional institutions of the society, remains keen and committed to the objectives of nation building through initiatives that nurture innovation, education, gender empowerment and spirituality. Following his tenure as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, comments from citizens and the international community show that HH Muhammad Sanusi II is highly regarded …

  • NIMASA DG Commends Senate Screening

    OPINION: Rumblings From The South By Dakuku Peterside

    The amalgamation of Southern and Northern Nigeria protectorates in 1914 to form the Nigerian state seems unfinished. Since this union, there has been constant and continuous agitation for a national debate, under different brand names, to discuss the existence and future of the country. During periods of crisis, these divergent protectorates, although done away with on paper, approach national issues and challenges from the prism of the self-interest of these dichotomous areas. Last week, governors of 17 Southern states of the country met in Asaba, Delta State and, amongst other things, brought to the forefront of national discourse the need to convene a national dialogue to tackle the multidimensional challenges facing the country. The governors also acknowledged the country’s peculiar security challenges and called on the President to address the nation. Part of their communique read: “Governors observed that the incursion of armed herders, criminals and bandits into the Southern part of the country had presented a severe security challenge such that citizens are not able to live their everyday lives, including pursuing various productive activities, leading to a threat to food supply and general security. Consequently, the meeting resolved to ban open grazing of cattle across Southern Nigeria. Governors …

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Ponzi Schemes

    As an experienced Man in the industry of Ponzi schemes(I used to be a firm believer in some Ponzi schemes too till I was shenked). I’ve to realize that they are all bound to fail and are only legit as long as they can pay some people. Several Ponzi scheme have come and gone leaving millions of Nigerian in abject poverty, promising them outrageous returns in order to rip them of their hard earned money. Sometimes I just wish a Ponzi scheme can start and they will be forced to close up because nobody has interest in them but no, Nigerians keep investing with these thieves only for them to be scammed time and time again  These are some of the reasons why you should stay away from Ponzi schemes/ Investment schemes that promises high Returns 1. They’ll go to any extent to hoodwink you into trusting them before they show you who they really are; This is very common with Ponzi scheme, most of them don’t mind spending money to make them look like a saint in the initial stages of these schemes. Don’t fall for it. This is just to gain the trust of people temporarily before they …

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