Nigerians Misunderstood My ‘Cattle Colonies’ Comment – Ogbeh

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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh, has stated that Nigerians misunderstood what he meant by the term ”cattle colony.”

The minister insisted that cattle colonies, being suggested by his ministry, remained the only panacea to ending the recurring war.

Ogbeh had said the federal government had resolved to establish cattle colonies in a bid to put an end to the persistent herdsmen-farmers crisis across the country.

According to the minister, facilities such as grass and water will be provided to take care of herdsmen and their cattle.

“In biology, you have animal colonies, you have bees, snake colonies and in some places crocodiles. Once there is a large concentration of any species of animals whether artificial or natural you call them colonies,” he told Daily Post.

“A colony is much larger and viable, cheaper and safer because the colonies will have several ranches in them where the government is ready to provide water and feed at subsidized rates for the herds with the view to increasing their yields.

“We have chosen to embark on cattle colonies because we want to supply water to cows, because the grass they eat is not just any kind of grass. Cows are very selective about the grasses they eat, even if they are not, the quality of grass they eat determines the quality of beef and milk you get”

“For the purpose of succeeding in this project, seeds of grasses have been gotten from Argentina, Brasil and the US and domesticated on a large scale.”

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