Nigerian Youths And Misplaced Priorities

France’s 39-year-old incoming pro-EU president Emmanuel Macron is expected to be tough on Brexit.

By Adediwura Adedoyin

Who’s richer between Davido, Olamide and Wizkid?

Where’s the bubbliest joint/club/pub in town?

The latest collections from designers?

The most beautiful/handsome lady/dude that just relocated to his/her area.

I even heard one ask who knows the most expensive prostitute in town?

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook is now our newfound love, teacher, counsellor, adviser, and even doctors.

This is what we Nigerian youths now do with our precious time and resources.

If the election and installation of 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron in France isn’t a motivation for you to be a better person, utilise your time properly, and possess your future, then I don’t know what else will.

How can our youths even know when we don’t listen to news anymore. We prefer entertainment gists and gossips.

Leadership class and seminars is like a taboo for us, even when it’s free, our so called youths still won’t show up!

Macron won an election without a party, all he started was a movement. Heard the news update this morning, France politicians wants to turn him into a dummy like they did Jonathan, thinking how is he going to choose his cabinets without politicians. But guess what, Macron opened a website and told all eligible candidates to apply.

When will Nigerian youths start a movement as such and will be able to convince us, that its for a true cause and he knows what he’s doing.

All Macron used was the internet, the same internet we are misusing and taking for granted today.

This is a clarion call. Its high time we take the wheels of this country from the embezzling politicians and king makers that believe they’re doing us a favor by killing our future.

Nigerian’s future is getting bleaker by the day, and its a pity.

Let us all arise. Macron has shown us how dynamic democracy can be, let us open our mind.

Let us arise. Those who can must!!!

I want a better Nigeria. Who’s with me?

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