NCC Reveals Number Of GSM Subscribers In Nigeria

NCC Reveals Number Of Telephone Subscribers In Nigeria

There was 174,012,136 active subscribers on telecommunication networks in January 2019, as against 172,871,094 recorded in December 2018, according to NCC.

The NCC, which is the Nigerian Communications Commission, disclosed this in its Monthly Subscriber and Operator Data made available on its website on Friday.

Concise News learned that the active subscribers increased by 1,141,042.

According to the data, 173,625,306 of the 174,012,136 are active GSM network subscribers.

The GSM operators’ active customers’ figure increased by 1,139,501 in January, after the 172,485,805 subscribers recorded in December 2018.

The reports stated that out of the GSM operators, MTN had 66,665,378 users in January, showing a decrease of 467,631 from the 67,133,009 it recorded in December 2018.

Globacom’s figure increased in January by 348,341 with 45,603,638 customers, as against 45,255,297 in December 2018.

Airtel had 44,970,973 subscribers in the month under review, which showed an increase of 790,489 users, from the 44,180,484 recorded in December 2018.

As for 9mobile, it recorded 16,385,317 customers in January, having an increase of 468,302 subscribers, against 15,917,015 in December 2018.

The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators recorded 124,257 subscribers in the month under review, indicating a decrease of 165, from 124,092 users in December 2018.

Visafone, which is one of the two surviving CDMA operators, had 119,797 customers in January 2019, showing an increase of 165 from the 119,632 recorded in December 2018.

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