Mourinho Slams Dele Alli In Tottenham 3-1 Win Against Stokes

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Jose Mourinho. (Image courtesey: Getty)

Tottenham Hotspurs manager Jose Mourinho has slammed Dele Alli over his performance in the 3-1 win against Stokes City on Wednesday.

Dele lost control of the ball in the first half which resulted in an equalization by Stokes in the Carabao Cup game.

That was the England International’s first start since November 27.

“A player in that position is a player that has to link and create and not to create problems for his own team.

“In that situation, an objective counter-attack would probably end with a goal, and it ended with a counter-attack behind our defenders.

“We were unbalanced because when you are in possession you have full-backs out wide and another midfielder in a different line and they caught us in a counter-attack and they transformed the result of the game that was totally in our hands, so yes I am upset,” Mourinho said.

Tottenham now go into a London derby semi-final against Brentford.

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