Mourinho Kicks Against Further Postponement Of EPL Games

Tottenham Hotspurs has kicked against the postponement of matches in the English Premier League due to the second wave of coronavirus in the UK.

Mourinho who has had matches postponed said further postponement won’t favour clubs that are playing in Europe.

He also said such a decision to postpone more games will affect the Premier League.

He was quoted by Daily Star: “Do you want to finish the season or no? Do you want to be the only country in Europe without football or no?

“Do we want the end of the season with champions, a Cup winner, with relegation, with Europe, or we don’t? That’s the main question.

“For the teams in Europa League it is impossible to have more matches postponed.

“We need to play. If it’s not Fulham then against somebody else. But we need to play a match. We cannot have any more matches postponed.

“The biggest impact is to have matches postponed. That is the biggest impact. The changing of the order of the matches, the impact is minimal I would say.

“In the end you have to play 19 matches at home and 19 away, and two matches against every team.

“So if it’s to help the Premier League to go on and to handle properly, it’s a solution we all have to accept as a positive solution.”

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