Modric Issues Warning To Liverpool Ahead Of UCL Clash

Real Madrid midfielder, Luka Modric has issued a warning to Liverpool ahead of their second-leg clash in the quarter final of the Champions League.

Modric stated at a press conference in Anfield that despite going into the game with a two goals advantage, Madrid will be putting up a display worthy of the Champions League.

“I expect it to be a very demanding game, in which we’ll have to deliver a performance befitting of the competition and we’ll have to put in a top display,” Modric told the press.

“We’ll have to try and do what we did in the first leg and attack and defend as a unit, go out to get the win and not defend our lead. We’ve got to go for the win”.

“We’re in good shape. There are so many games and they really take their toll, particularly at this important stage of the season, in which we’ve got a lot of important players out. But we’re in good shape, we’ve got to keep going.

“We’ve worked hard for nine months to be in this position and to be in the hunt in the league and the Champions League and we can’t go pointing to fatigue.

“It’s not easy but we’ve got to hang in there and keep working hard, recover properly and be good professionals, just as we have been up until now. I hope that our efforts will help us to win something”.

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