Wives That Don’t Cook For Their Husbands Risk Divorce – Oga Bello

Adebayo Salami. Photo: Oladipupo Mojeed

Veteran Nigerian actor Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello has aired his views on the possible reasons for the high rate of divorce in the country.

The actor said women who do not cook for their husbands thus encouraging him to eat out would not have a lasting union.

In a brief chat with journalists, he said that respect is also very important in every home.

His words:

“African women are supposed to bow to their husbands, husbands too are supposed to respect their wives.

“Cook for your husband’s, stop eating out. It is the cause of marriages breaking up in our society. Wives should bow to their husbands that is not to make you turn her into a slave. You must respect each other.”

Talking about the trend of putting up personal lives on social media, the actor said a well-raised African child knows better than putting up their personal lives on social media.

“Social media is one of the bad sides of technology. If you are trained well as an African, you will not put your personal life on social media.”

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