Manchester United Commisserates With 30 Fans Electrocuted In Calabar

Survivors of Calabar Football Viewing Center Tragedy . Twitter

By Oladipupo Mojeed 

Premier League club, Manchester United, has sent condolence message to supporters of the club, who were electrocuted at a viewing center in Calabar, Nigeria, while watching the Europa quarterfinal match between Manchester United and Belgian club, Anderletch, at Old Trafford on Thursday, April 20.

The Red Devils, via its official Twitter handle, expressed grief over the tragic accident.

Casualty figures

At least 30 persons died of electrocution on Thursday night in Calabar when a high tension cable fell on the roof of the viewing centre where fans were watching the Europa cup match.

Twenty-eight of the victims died on the spot while two died in the hospital. About 50 others were injured.

The incident happened at around 9.30 pm at Nyagasang area of Atimbo in Calabar Municipality local government area of the state.

The electrocution of the victims happened when a nearby transformer exploded twice during the match. The second time, the high tension wire snapped and dropped on the viewing centre built with zinc.

Speaking with News Agency of Nigeria, an eye witness said when the transformer exploded the first time, it brought so much panic, with dozens of people jostling to exit the viewing centre.

“We were all inside watching the match when we heard the first explosion from the transformer; the heavy sound caused panic because some people shouted and ran out.

“After a while, we came back into the viewing centre to continue with the match. Shortly, we heard another heavy sound and when some people tried to run away from the centre, they were electrocuted at the entrance.

“Over 50 of us escaped death yesterday because we were standing by the door watching the game”, he said.

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