Like Baba Suwe, Fadeyi Oloro Critically Ill (Video)

Like Baba Suwe, Fadeyi Oloro Is Critically Ill (Video). PHOTO CREDIT: Uncova
Like Baba Suwe, Fadeyi Oloro Is Critically Ill (Video). PHOTO CREDIT: Uncova

Weeks after Nigerians woke up to the news of veteran actor Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) being ill and in dire need of help, a video purportedly showing veteran Yoruba actor Ojo Arowosoge, aka Fadeyi Oloro, also critically ill, has emerged.

Concise News reports that the video shows that the actor has been hospitalised – reportedly at Orile Agege General Hospital, Ile Epo in Lagos.

His ailment was still unknown at the time of publishing this report.

In the video, Fadeyi is seen muttering words seeking for financial assistance from the Nigerian public.

This is coming just few weeks after veteran comic actor Baba Suwe sought for public help over his failing health.

Thankfully, Baba Suwe has got the needed financial help and his treatment has commenced.

In fact, he is readying to be flown abroad for further care.

Fadeyi Oloro is known for his ‘powerful’ charms and incantations in movies. The words of the actor, who hails from Ekiti State, were fire.

He became known from the fierce anti-hero role he played in old Yoruba television soaps – ‘Arelu’ and ‘Yanponyanrin’.

Those close to him claim he is a very respectful man who exudes friendliness while not on stage.

Watch video below:

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