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  • Businessman Films Girlfriend Having Sex With His Dogs/

    My Dog Of Five Years Attacked Me – Man Cries Out

    A Nigerian man has cried out on social media after his German Shepherd dog of five years attacked him.

  • Reactions As Nigeria Lesbians Flaunt Partners On Twitter

    A Nigerian lesbian known as Amara has taken to the micro-blogging platform to flaunt her partner and another lesbian couple. Amara revealed that the loved up photo is very important as she introduced the couples as lesbian couples in Nigeria, adding that they are ‘lesbianning and loving.’ She wrote, “this picture is important!!! two lesbian couples in Nigeria..lesbianing and loving. #whenthegaysgather” this picture is important!!! two lesbian couples in Nigerialesbianing and loving.#whenthegaysgather — Amara, the lesbian. (@the_amarion) September 24, 2020   A Twitter user @mcabbey1 wrote, “That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires.Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other… “. @okunolarotimi wrote, “All shades of wrong..if it were guys now, you all will go ballistic.” @chu_kwu_du_bem wrote,  “You man should let them be and stop telling them they would be tracked because they won’t , Niggas advertise marijuana all day here”

  • Alleged Culpable Homicide: Court Fixes Date For Trial Of 2 UniAbuja Students

    Ekiti Court Ends 11-Year-Old Marriage Over Threats To Life, Others

    An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday dissolved an 11-year-old marriage between Mr. Adebayo Oluwafemi and his wife, Funmilayo.

  • Beating a child

    VIDEO: Nigerian Dad Flogs Daughter For Joining Group Chat

    An unidentified Nigerian dad was filmed flogging his 18-year-old daughter for joining a group chat he had warned her not to join.

  • Nigerian Lady Narrates Experience After Testing Positive For COVID-19

    Ife Durosimi Eti, a Nigerian author has revealed what she went through before she survived COVID-19.

  • Ramadan 2020: Day 5 Quotes, Images, Prayers

    Ramadan 2020: Day 5 Quotes, Images, Prayers

    This is day five of the Ramadan - a time of the year when Muslims fast in a bid to devote themselves to their faith and come closer to Allah.

  • Ramadan 2020: Day 3 Quotes, Images, Prayers

    Ramadan 2020: Day 3 Quotes, Images, Prayers

    This is day three of the Ramadan - a time of the year when Muslims fast in a bid to devote themselves to their faith and come closer to Allah.

  • Ramadan quote

    Ramadan 2020: Day 2 Quotes, Images, Prayers

    We are in Day Two of the Ramadan - a time of the year when Muslims fast in a bid to devote themselves to their faith and come closer to Allah.

  • Reno Omokri (source: Instagram)

    Satan Wants You To Think There’s A Perfect Marriage – Reno Omokri

    Reno Omokri has stated that Satan wants people to think there’s a perfect marriage out there so they can lose interest in the one they find themselves in. Sharing on Twitter, the former presidential aide described the idea of a perfect husband and perfect wife as lies. He also advised that people should remain in their marriage and make it work. He tweeted: “satan wants you to think there‘s a perfect marriage, with a perfect husband, and perfect wife. Lies. No such thing exists. Shame the devil. Stay in your imperfect marriage, with your imperfect spouse and create perfect moments of happiness together”. He added that adultery is the only basis for calling for divorce from a marriage. “An imperfect marriage is better than no marriage. Only separate when your personal liberty or life is at stake, and only divorce where there has been adultery. Other than that, manage your imperfect marriage because perfection exists only in heaven”, he wrote.

  • Lady Reveals How She Discovered That A Man Asking Her Out Is Married

    A Nigerian lady identified as Abigail Chinazaekpere Chukwu has revealed how she shockingly discovered that the man asking her out is a married man. In a Facebook post she shared, Abigail stated that while she was a student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, the man use to visit her but only at night. She said she discovered his marital status when she saw an old marriage souvenir is with the man’s picture on it. “I remember one guy that was chyking me then in awka sometime around 2015. For two years, he was on my case. His name is Onyeka. He was so nice eh. He would park in front of my hostel in the night and we will talk and talk and talk into the night. For some reason, I didn’t want to date him. So we stayed friends, and he kept asking me out. In 2017, I went for a church program where I was among the choir. One igbo ministers event like that at Emmaus House. While we were jotting down the message when one Bishop was preaching, I missed a point, so I took the note of the girl sitting next to me to see the point …

  • Wife Cries Out, Says Husband Only Gives Her $150 Out Of His $8000 Salary

    A wife has cried out saying she receives just $150 as allowance from her husband who earns $8000 as monthly salary. The woman who took to social media lamented how sad she felt when she stumbled on his will. According to her, she’s not even a beneficiary. Instead he listed his favourite sister as the beneficiary of his properties. She wrote: I have lived in Boston since 2006. I moved from New York and gave up my job of 16 years because we got married and I relocated, leaving my two adult children, who were 21 and 24. I divorced my first husband in 1998 and met my spouse in 2000. My husband, who is 70, will be retired four years in October. He spent most of his career in the U.S. Army Reserve, where he spent 24 years. I see his mail from time to time, but he keeps everything locked up in a file cabinet. He gets four incomes per month, and everything goes directly to his accounts. He lives off his Social Security each month. I work full time and make $50,000 a year. My husband gives me $150 each month. Sometimes, he forgets. When I ask …

  • Valentine

    100+ Romantic Valentine Messages For Your Boyfriend, Husband

    Valentine’s Day is a special time for you to treat your partner in the most romantic way by taking him out, buying gifts and especially sending love messages.

  • Valentine

    500+ Romantic Happy Valentine Messages For Your Loved Ones

    Over 500 lovely and romantic Valentine messages and wishies for your loved ones on lovers day, February 14th.

  • How To Make Valentine’s Day Memorable

    The annual Valentine's day celebration is just few hours away, the season of love when couples of all types take out time to do out-of-the-box activities and renew their love.

  • If Nigeria Approves Same Sex Marriage, Many Homes Will Break – Bobrisky

    Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has stated that many homes in Nigeria will be broken if the country should legalize same sex marriage.

  • Penis Size: Peeps Say 'The Bigger, The Better'

    Penis Size: Peeps Say ‘The Bigger, The Better’

    While sex experts typically say penis size does not matter, a poll has revealed that most people prefer 'bigger' penises.

  • 70 Sweet Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, Prayers

    200 Sweet Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, Prayers

    Collection of the best happy new month messages, wishes, and prayers you can send to your family, friends and loved ones in this new month.

  • Tuxedos Wedding Suits:

    10 Men Suit Ideas For Wedding Guest

    Men suits for wedding guest vary and have numerous style to team up with the immediate style that suits your physique.

  • Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child

    Sex, as a word, reveals more than it conceals. It is commonly cautiously used during conversation and gathering, especially in religious settings.

  • Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step

    How To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice

    Fried Rice stands as a meal popular meal in Nigeria. It comes to mind when you attend birthday parties, weddings, street parties, picnics among other celebrity occasions.

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