Jaywon Reacts To Victor Uwaifo’s Piracy Allegation

Jaywon. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian singer Jaywon has apologized to music veteran, Victor Uwaifo, over the allegation of pirating his hit musical hit track ‘Joromi’.

Exactly eight days ago, the music veteran accused Simi and Jaywon of pirating his old song ‘Joromi’ on Saturday Beats.

Jaywon in an exclusive interview told Saturday Beats that Uwaifo’s song inspired his but the whole sound is completely different from that of the veteran.

He further took the opportunity of the interview to apologise, he said:

“The truth is that I am sorry if he feels that I used his song without his permission. He is our father and I cannot disrespect him. I would be so silly to think of disrespecting someone like Sir Victor Uwaifo, who has been inspiring us since we were kids. In all the interviews that I had granted, I had given him credit for the song but we are talking about the title of the song and not its content.”

Jaywon then revealed that Small Doctor, Dammy Krane and Tim Godfrey worked with the title of his song, ‘This Year’.

“Small Doctor just released a song titled ‘This Year’, am I going to fight him because of the title of the song? Dammy Krane released a song titled ‘Amin’ which is a different version of my song, ‘This Year; Tim Godfrey released a song titled, ‘This Year’, which is like a proper remix of my song. Dammy Krane and Tim Godfrey took about 60 per cent of my song to make theirs. In my own case, we are talking about the title of the song alone, in fact, the titles do not sound the same when you pronounce them. But like I said, I still have to give props to people that deserve it and there is no way I would talk about Joromi without remembering Sir Victor Uwaifo.

“The reason I did not give due credit to him is that the songs are not the same, they just have similar titles.”

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