‘Invest In Learning French,’ France Tells Nigeria

Guillaume Audren de Kerdrel

Guillaume Audren de Kerdrel, Deputy Ambassador of France, said that there is the need for proper investment in the speaking of French language among Nigerians.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja, he added that the reason was in order to facilitate business connections, promote French culture and values.

According to him, French language is the second most largely spoken language in the World, with 125 million students and 900,000 French teachers across the globe.

“French is the second most important language of international use; the foremost in the business world and the fourth most important on the Internet.

“It is a working language of major importance in all international organisations, including ECOWAS and AU and is shared by three millions of people worldwide. It is a widely spoken language in the planet, therefore the need for more investment in Nigeria to realise its importance,” kerdrel said.

He noted that Nigeria, surrounded by French-speaking countries, learning French language would enable people to engage more in trade and connect with neighbouring countries.

“Nigerian is surrounded by French-speaking countries such as Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Benin, French language will facilitate communication and commerce,” he added.

He also said that French language other than English had always been the spoken language across the French continent.

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