I’ll Give Him Treatment He Deserves, Matawalle Threatens Deputy

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has threatened that if his deputy, Mahdi Aliyu should dare him, he would give him “the treatment he deserves.”

Both men fell apart following Matawalle’s defection to the All Progressives Congress with Aliyu staying behind in the Peoples Democratic Party.

Speaking to the Hausa Service of Deutsch Welle, Matawalle said he was fed up with Aliyu who recently addresed a rally of the PDP.

“I won’t join issues with him. But if he dares me, I will give him the treatment he deserves,” Matawalle said, hours after the State House of Assembly invited Aliyu to come and explain why he held the rally without considering the current security situation in Zamfara State and ”in disrespect of advice by the security authorities in the state.”

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