How EFCC Broke Into My Hotel Room – Biodun Stephen

Nollywood filmmaker, Biodun Stephen has narrated how her hotel room was broken into by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, while she was sleeping.

She said she had had a tough time filming and had to rest when the door to her hotel room opened with two armed men entering.

The actress was forced to shout, “stay right there!!! Who are you?” before they replied saying they were EFCC operatives.

She added: “Are you kidding me? You enter into my room unannounced? EFCC: Madam, we knocked but no response. You decided to enter my room? You should have kept knocking.”

Stephen explained that she was sleeping like every normal person would and that one of them just opened his mouth and said: “Where is the man of the room. I was confused at first. The who? He replied: ‘your partner.”

“Anger well up inside me…Is this one roving mad man? His partner realised his folly because he quickly apologised. ‘You are not the one we are looking for.’”

Stephen said she watched as they interviewed guests rudely and arrested a few, adding that they knew the people they were after.

She said she lost sleep afterward.

“Then I heard, this is the new thing with EFCC. They burst into hotel rooms in the middle of the night. Not caring who you are, in what state you are.

“I mean, the hotel is a really decent one so I couldn’t understand how this could happen. They alleged that the EFCC barrages their way in…A mess I tell you,” she said.

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