Hilarious Things Young Rich Guys Do When They Meet At Event

This is just for cruise no hating!

Money is good but there are somethings young rich guys do when they meet up at event that I find hilarious.

So I would use what happened in obi cubana and his clique of friends as example. You can go through their Instagram video and you would observe what I would say here.

Alright let’s go….

1. Throwing the word brother, forever and blood….loosely etc.

These big boys use these words loosely in my opinion when they meet and then they do video for instagram and tag themselves……Especially Emoney, Shina peller and that otunba02 guy…..their own na “blood” Any small thing” My blood, my blood”…….. Emoney especially, ya blood is kcee limpopo. If anything should happen to you today, you go no say those other people you dey call blood na scam.

2. Making funny hand signs when their attention is called for instagram video as if they are suffering from hand pain

Let’s say an Alex ekubo is making video for instagram, then he sees one of the big boys and calls them to look at the camera. The way dem dey always do hand dey funny me. The one wey dey funny me pass na that Henry iyke guy that bought rolls royce recently. Just go and watch it for yourself. I don laugh tire.

3. Hailing themselves so many times especially when doing videos for instagram.

Jowizazaa can be sitting down now, then he sights obi cubana, he brings out his phone, starts recording and says…….”cubana way, cubana way, obi obi” and then obi cubana responds “jowi, jowi, jowi onye nku, jowinko” and they do these on top so many Instagram videos in one day at the same place! Like bruh I am not understanding.

4. Laughing, hailing themselves when nothing is funny and saying meaningless things all at the same time

Let’s say cubana chiefpriest is making a video then he sees one of the big boys then he goes close and they both start laughing next you hear is……

We outside (my fren, get inside before ungun known men catch you

Doings (Gbagaun

Men dem

5. Whining themselves so much

My oga!

My boss!


He is ya boss yet the two of you are driving same kind of car or different type of cars but almost same price range. Have you ever seen a boss and employee driving the same kind of expensive car before?

Add your own let’s have fun guys!

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