Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Drink) Benefits

Zobo aids weight loss PHOTO CREDIT: Punch NG
Zobo aids weight loss

Hibiscus tea popularly referred to as zobo drink in Nigeria is a herbal tea made from the calyces of the hibiscus plant. The plant’s botanical name is Hibiscus sabdariffa though it is known by different names in many parts of the world.

Concise News writes that this tasty and refreshing drink is loaded with a lot of nutrients which include calcium, niacin, riboflavin, iron, vitamin C while having no caffeine content in it.

Hibiscus tea contains 15-30% organic acids, including citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. Also, it contains acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides, such as cyanidin and delphinidin, that give it its characteristic deep red colour.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits

For people seeking to lose weight naturally, this tea may come in handy as it has qualities that help in weight loss which includes:

Hibiscus Tea and Weight Loss

Prevents carbohydrate absorption

Consumption of hibiscus tea can prevent the absorption of carbohydrate which invariably prevents gaining of excess body weight. Hibiscus tea contains an enzyme inhibitor called phaseolamin. This substance prevents the production of amylase an enzyme which breaks down complex carbohydrates and by so doing reduce absorbed carbohydrates in the body.

Research conducted in 2014 showed that obese people aged 18 to 65 who consumed hibiscus extract (zobo drink)  for 12 weeks had reduced body weight, body fat, body mass index. Also, tests showed lower free fatty acid, high levels of which are associated with obesity and diabetes.

It is a natural diuretic

Another way hibiscus extract acts as a weight management tool is through its diuretic property which aids in the excretion of excess fluid from the body. It gets rid of excess water retained in our bodies and prevent temporary bloating.

It contains antioxidants

Hibiscus tea (zobo drink) contains a lot of antioxidants which increase the body metabolism and the overall health of a person. These antioxidants also help to rid the body of free radicals and by so doing boosts the body immune system.

Other benefits of hibiscus tea (zoo drink) include:

Hibiscus Tea and Blood Pressure

Lowers blood pressure

A study of 70 people was half of the people drank hibiscus tea daily and the other half took 25 mg of antihypertensive medicine twice daily. After a month, 79 percent of
the tea drinkers experienced a ten point reduction in blood pressure, 84 percent of the ones that took the pharmaceutical drug also experienced the same reduction in blood pressure. Hibiscus tea has the ability to lower blood pressure.
It soothes thirst.

Hibiscus tea can be taken hot but is best served chilled. It can be used to quench thirst and it has a cooling effect on the body as a result of its diuretic property.

Treatment of cold and cough

Hibiscus tea can be used to treat cold and cough.  It contains ascorbic acid which is vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that boosts the activities of the immune system. Hibiscus tea also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties this prevents you from catching a cold or cough.

How to prepare Hibiscus tea (zobo drink) – Recipe

Lightly rinse the zobo leaves in cold water. Wash the pineapple and peel the skin, slice and set it aside. Add the water in a pot and bring to a boiling point. As soon as sit starts boiling, add the rinsed flowers, pineapple and ginger. Cover and boil for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and allow cooling for 5 minutes.

Using a large bowl, sieve the mixture to get the juice. Pour the drained mixture into a pitcher, add additional water if desired and vanilla extract. Taste to gauge the level of sweetness before adding sugar.

Stir and refrigerate. As earlier indicated, it is best served chilled.

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