Fuel Scarcity Manifestation Of Leadership Failure – Labour

Fuel Scarcity Manifestation Of Leadership Failure - Labour
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The United Labour Congress (ULC) has described the current fuel scarcity in the country as a manifestation of leadership failure.

ULC said this on Monday in a statement, adding that the short supply of the product caused the scarcity.

“Our investigations and reports reaching us from our affiliates in the industry show that the present debacle is clearly a manifestation of another failure of leadership in Nigeria,” the statement partly said.

“It cannot be blamed on any panic buying nor hoarding as the product is seriously in short supply.

“Importers are not bringing in enough products, while the NNPC is not in any position to meet the demands of the market.

“It is, therefore, neither the fault of the workers in the sector as the Petroleum Tanker Drivers are assiduously working and lifting available products to the filling stations, nor workers at the various filling stations and depots across, who are on standby to discharge their obligations as required.

“Importers cannot bring in products because of bottlenecks created by the government at the point of procuring foreign exchange, while the NNPC lacks the capacity to bring in more products that are needed this period.”

In addition, the statement said, “The ULC is afraid that the government may be playing its old trick prior to raising the price of petroleum products in the country and we want to warn that Nigerian workers under our aegis will work assiduously to resist such insensitive intentions.

It noted that, “It is indeed surprising that a government that raised the pump prices of petroleum products, especially PMS to N145/litre, with the promise never to allow the return of fuel queues, is sitting on its rump and giving excuses why the same queues have returned with a vengeance.”

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