Friends Abandoned Ernest Asuzu, Thought He Had Spiritual Problem – Actor

Nollywood actor and musician, Bobby Michaels, has said that the late Ernest Asuzu was abandoned by family and friends after they thought he had a spiritual problem.

Asuzu died, a few days ago, after battling with illness over a long period.

Michaels, who failed to reveal the cause of the fellow actor’s death, told Vanguard a bit about the later years of his life.

How close were you to Ernest?

We were close friends from when we first ventured into Nollywood many years ago. But I would say we were closer years ago.

What happened in the last few years of his life?

I think he may have gotten into hard times which were probably caused by depression or something of the sort.

Whenever an actor dies, we hear stories of how they were abandoned by Nollywood. Was Ernest abandoned by Nollywood?

I don’t think he was but when things got really bad, I can say that a lot of people left him to his fate, until he got rescued by a few kind individuals. Stories of how he was thought to have spiritual problems at some time scared a lot of folks from him back then too.

So what really caused his death, sir?

I really can’t say. I think the doctors or the autopsy will reveal that very vital information.

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