Expert Advocates Intercultural Dialogue Within Nigeria

intercultural dialogue
The cultural parade at the Abuja Carnival/ HarleysinAFrica.org

According to NAN, Mr Emmanuel Adekoya, pushed for intercultural dialogue among Nigerians to allow peaceful relationship in Nigeria.

NAN, reports that intercultural dialogue is a process of communicating openly with respectful interactions between individuals, groups and organization from diversified cultural backgrounds.

Adekoya in Abuja On Wednesday mentioned to NAN that mutual respect and understanding of cultures could go as far as encouraging peaceful co-existence between ethnic groups.

“The way to make culture promote peace in Nigeria is to carry out inter-cultural dialogue and the dialogue should be held in order to strengthen mutual understanding.” he said

“When you understand other peoples’ culture, and you have respect for it, you can now begin to talk about how to now bring together in a melting pot the diverse cultures that we have.” He explained

Intercultural Dialogue
Abuja Carnival, Photo By Nigerian Bulletin

Inter-Cultural Dialogue Fosters Synergy

Stressing on inter-cultural dialogue, he added “Without the inter-cultural dialogue, without an understanding of each other’s cultures, you cannot talk about a synergy.”

“But once we have the dialogue and people understand the nitty-gritty of eachother’s culture then it becomes easier to bring everything together, you co-exist harmoniously.”

“That way you, you would have gone a long way toward ensuring peaceful coexistence.”

Inter-cultural dialogue improves communication, increasing participation, freedom and the ability to make great choices which does not foster equality but also enhances creative processes.

Adekoya further urges on other states to emulate the Abuja Carnival where various cultures are showcased and promoted for mutual understanding, respect and creativity.

“States participate in the Abuja International Carnival to showcase the various cultures that are in their states.

“And then they try to compete in a very good atmosphere where there is no strife or rancor just to show off the creative abilities of people in all the states.” He said

“So when we have things like this (Abuja carnival) in place, it engenders peace and it (promotes) cooperation and harmony.”

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