Everyone In Nigeria Is Marginalised, Says Kalu

Former Governor of Ebonyi, Orji Uzor Kalu.

Former governor of Abia state Orji Uzor Kalu has urged the Igbo to stop crying of marginalisation because every tribe in the country has had a taste of it.

He, however, suggested that a creation of an additional state in the Southeast will halt the cry of marginalisation in the sub-region.

The Southeast consists of five states unlike others with at least six each.

Addressing journalists at an annual youth summit of Junior Chamber International, Ikoyi, the former governor said full normalcy will return to the area if the additional state comes with restructuring.

Kanu said: ”If we say we are marginalised, everyone is marginalised. We are marginalised because our people refuse to work. As soon as one becomes a governor or minister he buys houses in Ikoyi and abroad and the people will celebrate him.

”The demography of this country shows that if you go to Kontagora, after the aborigines, the next is the Igbo. The same with Jos, Kano, the West, name it. So we need the peace and unity of the country more than anyone else.”

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