Ekiti Court Ends 11-Year-Old Marriage Over Threats To Life, Others

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Court Gravel Source: The Nation

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday dissolved an 11-year-old marriage between Mr. Adebayo Oluwafemi and his wife, Funmilayo.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the couple were separated on grounds of threats to life, wife being troublesome, and no rest of mind for him after the parties had earlier given their evidence on July 14 and judgment was reserved until today.

Oluwafemi, 40, a resident of Omisanjana, along Igbo-Aso in Ado-Ekiti, told the court that his wife was fond of putting up bad behaviours toward him.

He also described her as being an extravagant person, wayward, a slanderer and a pathological liar.

He said that his wife was fond of telling him that she would kill him and that nothing would happen to her.

He said that his wife had said several unprintable things about him whenever they had misunderstandings in the past.

The father of two also described his wife as a wayward woman, saying that she used to engage in night crawling, and not returning home until late at the night.

He said that he could not trust her anymore.

He also said that she was fond of behaving in a way that was pleasing to her; stopped cooking for him and did not care for him any longer.

Oluwafemi told the court that he did not want to commit murder because his wife did not give him peace of mind at home; hence, his decision to call for the divorce.

The petitioner pleaded for the dissolution of the marriage saying he could not cope anymore and prayed for the custody of his children: 10-year-old Peace, a female and the one-and-a-half years old Samson; a male.

But the respondent, Funmilayo, 37, a resident of Omisanjana area in Ado-Ekiti, denied the allegations levelled against her.

She said that her husband had failed in his duty by not providing for their children, especially, their first child that gained admission into a secondary school.

She said that she was the one responsible for the welfare of their children, which she attributed as the major cause of their constant misunderstandings.

Funmilayo said that her husband changed the keys to the major entrances into their house when they had a misunderstanding and since then, she had been staying in her church.

She admitted that though her husband was always buying raw foodstuffs in the house, she said that it was hard for him to give her money for the other needs of his family.

The respondent, however, did not support the dissolution.

The President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, who observed that the marriage had broken down irretrievably; consequently, dissolved the marriage.

Akomolede ruled that the custody of the children should be awarded to the respondent and that Samson should be released to his father when he had attained seven years of age.

She also ordered that the petitioner must be responsible for the education of his children and must allow the respondent to remove her properties from his house.

She also ruled that the petitioner must secure a self-contained apartment for the respondent to house the children, and pay a year’s rent.

Akomolede added that the petitioner would be paying the sum of N10,000 as the monthly upkeep allowance of their children.

The court granted access to the petitioner to see his children whenever he wishes. (NAN)

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