COVID-19: Postpone NIN Registration – Alibaba Begs FG

Comedian Alibaba has urged the Federal Government to put a hold to the registration exercise for National Identification Number, NIN.

Alibaba who spoke to Channels Television said the exercise which draws a huge crowd to the registration locations exposes people to the risk of COVID-19.

He advised the government to suspend it because whatever it is planning to achieve by the exercise could be achieved later.

Ali Baba said, “Believability of information from the government is at the lowest ebb right now, especially with the cases of the palliatives that were hidden when people were hungry. Government has not really been in the good books of believability.

“Then to crown it all, in the face of this second wave, you tell people to do National Identification Number registration and people are packing themselves in places. The number of people that are going to catch Covid and become victims of Covid from going to register will be higher than people who go to the beach or people who throw parties.

“So, you can’t, on one hand, say, Covid is real, maintain social distancing and on the other hand, you say, people have to go and queue for the (NIN) registration.

“There are ways we can technologically deal with these things. Information technology has gotten to the point that we really do not need to go to a particular point to register.

“It is not now that there is a pandemic that you should insist on that kind of thing. Let the pandemic be over. Whatever it is can be done later. Whatever purpose you want to achieve can be achieved later.

“It is important that people are considered first. But when you say people should start registering for NIN, it means that you are endangering the people.”




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