President Buhari’s Anti-graft War Selective – US Financial Expert

President Muhammadu Buhari

A former US intelligence community expert on Nigeria Mathew Page has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war was selective.

Speaking at a workshop organised by Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in Abuja, he said there should be some root reforms in terms of the way anti-corruption agencies operate.

Page, who is an adviser of Transparency International, said the present administration was slow in taking expansive approach to fighting corruption.

He said: ”This is not to say the government has not made progress. Agencies like EFCC are doing a robust job, given the resources. I feel the anti-corruption war is quite political in Nigeria and selective.

”There is still need for more to be done to look into the activities of people in government now and members of the ruling party and not just people who were in the past government.”

Page also criticised some countries for allegedly aiding corruption in Nigeria.

”We often talk about corruption in Nigeria being a domestic problem focused here but we miss a part of the conversation about how the international community, especially the property markets in US, UK and other European countries, aid corrupt Nigerians to steal away public funds from Nigeria,” he said.

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