Be Passionate, Not Violent – Melania Trump Gives Last Words To Supporters

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has issued her final words from the White House to her supporters.

In a video, Melania advised the supporters to remain passionate but never violent because that is not the answer,

“The past four years have been unforgettable,” the First Lady said.

“As Donald and I conclude our time in the White House, I think of all of the people I have taken home in my heart and their incredible stories of love, patriotism and determination.”

“Be passionate in everything you do. But always remember that violence is never the answer, and will never be justified,” she said.

“When I came to the White House, I reflected on the responsibility I have always felt as a mother to encourage, give strength and teach values of kindness.”

Melania and her husband Donald Trump will end their time in power on January 20 when Joe Biden will be sworn-in as the 46 President of the US.

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