#AnambraDecides: Party Agents Share Rice, Cash To Voters (PHOTOS)

Voters colllecting rice from party agents. Facebook

Some political party agents have embarked on stomach infrastructure for voters in the ongoing Anambra elections.

According to emerging pictures on social media, voters in Illo Abito square, Nsugbe were seen receiving packs of rice and meat fom unknown party agents.

According to a facebook user, Marvin Chinda, All Progressives Congress (APC) agents were seen distributing the food items to voters.

Also, some agents were secretly canvassing for votes, distributing various gift items to the voters.

In some polling units in Njikoka LGA, it was gathered that party agents and supporters were distributing cash and pairs of slippers to voters after ensuring that beneficiaries voted for their party.

The Punch correspondent, who disguised as a voter, was approached by party agents with N1,000 and a pair of rubber slippers to vote for his party. The offer was politely rejected.

Money was also distributed to voters at three polling units in Ukpo, Dunukofia LGA.

Snacks were also given to voters.

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