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We are a modern media house with a pragmatic view about news gathering and delivery. We are aware of the lapses in news publishing in Nigeria and have taken up the challenge to correct these anomalies. We are out to rewrite the rules on how news publishing should be done in the digital age.

Our team deliver reliable and verified Nigerian, Africa and world news in simple, easy-to-read format; just the way news should be delivered. We go straight to the news.

We are the first in publishing independent and impartial news concisely, and this has set us clearly apart from the rest of the pack. We are fast achieving our vision to become Nigerian’s preferred news site.

With a dedicated team of experienced journalists and editors in our newsroom, plus strong alliances with some of the biggest news agency in and outside Nigeria, we cover Nigeria, Africa, and indeed the world like no other.

All our contents are verified and published on the sound judgment of our seasoned editors.

We are of the view that the media can positively or negatively influence people’s individual and collective decision-making processes, with massive multiplier effect on the society. We have, therefore, chosen to help build our society. Our conscience can’t be bought.

Concise news is an offshoot of Pragmatic Technologies, a Lagos-based technology company renowned for dominating any field it ventures into in less than three years.

Editorial team

Biodun Marquis – Publisher

Lordson Okpetu – Editor

John Andah – Senior Asst. Editor

Olugbenga Ige – Reporter

Egobiambu Emmanuel – Reporter

Donatus Anichukwueze – Reporter

Jesuwale Stephen – Reporter

Ridwan Yusuf – Reporter

Gabriel Alabi – Reporter

Adedayo Babatunde – Reporter

Ahmad Adebayo – Reporter


Leo Igwe

Femi Olugbile

Muhammad Ajah

Amaso Jack

Okechukwu Ukegbu

Obafemi Adekunle

Nneka Okumazie

Adedoyin Adediwura

Korede Olusanya

Toyin Akiode

Chinasa Udensi


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