Matawalle Denies Paying Ransom To Rescue Kidnapped Girls

Zamfara Commissioner Urges Governor To Join APC

Governor Muhammed Matawalle of Zamfara

Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle of Zamfara State has denied paying a ransom which secured the release of 26 kidnapped girls in Katsina State.

The governor described the allegation as the work of misguided individuals.

He made this known in a statement made available to newsmen through his media and public enlightenment aide, Hon Zailani Bappa.

He said, “The story that went viral of the Governor in securing the lives of these young souls and handing them over successfully to Governor Bello Masari was however received with bitterness by enemies of peace and obviously, bitter persons who will wish hell loose than Matawalle’s name to soar high.

“These misguided persons have since instigated false information that the girls were not rescued by the peace process initiated by Governor Matawalle’s administration but by ransom paid by the families of the released girls”.

“However, the fact remains that the rescued girls were not released on ransom as the genuine families of the girls have since denied the false story”

According to the statement, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle has never taken any step in the last one year and five months to score any cheap political goal but simply doing his assigned job which he swore to do, saying that indeed, any iota of dishonesty in his intent or approach would have woefully failed and put the state in jeorpardy as it happened to those leaders preceding him.

“Governor Bello Mohammed notes with satisfaction that God has always vindicated him from such machinations and will continue to do so as his only aim so far is to discharge his onerous task of securing lives and property of all Zamfarans and not to deceive them”, the statement said.

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