Ibiyeomie Disgraced His Church With Threat On Daddy Freeze – Aribisala

Femi Aribisala. Picture: AnswersAfrica.

Social commentator, Femi Aribisala has slammed Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries for threatening to arrest OAP Daddy Freeze.

Ibiyeomie made the threat after Daddy Freeze reacted to a post n which Bishop David Oyedepo advised women to be in total submission for marriage to work.

Taking Daddy Freeze’s words as an insult, Ibiyeomie issued his threat saying, “The day Daddy Freeze insults Oyedepo, I will deal with him and arrest him. Who gave birth to you? Do you have a father? Show us his picture.

“Oyedepo will not talk but I can’t be alive and you insult my father. I curse the day you were born. I will tear you into pieces you bastard. He is insulting him because he has no father.

“You can never insult a father if you have one, be warned. A man whose wife left him, has no good job, will be insulting my father and people will be laughing online. I will never be alive to see such and do nothing again.”

His outburst against Daddy Freeze has been described by Aribisala as a disgrace to his church.

“Pastor Ibiyeomie’s diatribe against Daddy Freeze just rubbished his ministry. It shows this so-called pastor knows Oyedepo but does not know Christ.

“Ibiyeomie spoke out of the abundance of his evil heart. What a disgrace to his church,” Aribisala tweeted on Tuesday.

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