Magu Reveals Those Behind His Travail, Denies Looting Recovered Assets

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EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu/File

Ibrahim Magu, the suspended acting chairman of the EFCC has denied the allegation that he misappropriated assets recovered by the antigraft agency.

Magu is currently being probed by the Presidential Committee On Audit Of Recovered Assets (PCARA) which has gotten him suspended from his post in the antigraft agency.

In a response to the committee, Magu blamed his travail on the toes he stepped on during his watch as EFCC boss.

He said, “In the exercise of my official functions as acting chairman of the commission, I have stepped on toes in ensuring that corruption is fought to a standstill in Nigeria.

“Some of the suspects under investigation and prosecution are always ganging up to fight me back, publishing false, untrue, malicious and libellous allegations against me. I have never abused the office I am occupying at the pleasure of Mr President.

“I have never personally enriched myself whilst performing my official function. I challenge my accusers to produce any evidence of this purported personal enrichment.”

Magu said that during watch as EFCC boss no case of misappropriation of recovered asset was recorded.

“No assets were sold and the proceeds thereof converted. There has been no mismanagement of or lack of transparency in the management of recovered assets under my leadership of the commission.

“There has been no diversion of proceeds from recovered assets or personal enrichment on my part. A careful investigation into what has been recovered and what has been paid into the appropriate accounts will easily confirm this.

“Not a dime of the recovered funds were converted to my personal use. I challenge my accusers to produce evidence of such fraudulent conversion.

“All my actions are documented and follow the prescribed procedures with necessary approvals. I am innocent. I have served my country to the best of my abilities with all sense of responsibility and integrity.”

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