Laurie Idahosa Speaks In Favour Of Wearing Face Maks In Church

Reverend Laurie Idahosa has spoken in favour of wearing a face mask in church which is part of the COVID-19 guidelines given to churches.

Sharing on social media, Laurie Idahosa stated that the guidelines which some quarters have kicked against have not affected church activities.

According to her, miracles and wonders are still being experienced in churches despite the guidelines.

She wrote: ”Wearing your face mask in church does not affect your connection to God in any way. His presence cannot be limited by social distancing and by honoring the governmental health and safety measures.

“If you say that God is not honored and Christians are not sincere with their faith because they obey the law and seek to protect themselves and others, than your Gospel is not the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Power of God.

“God is not limited by a mask. We are still experiencing miracles, signs and wonders. We are still seeing people give their lives to Christ, we are still equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry…. and yes, we are doing it in a way that respects the health and safety of our community of faith.

“We welcome you back to church. From our experiences, the level of deep conviction and unshakable faith has risen during this pandemic. Come home to church and experience the presence of God together with the brethren. We miss you.

“#GodIsNotLimitedByAMask #mask #facemask #church
Helpful Hint: Be sure to practice good dental hygiene. When you wear your mask properly, you are forced to smell your own breath. Taking breath mints along is not a bad idea.”

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