China Fires Back At Ezekwesili Over Article On COVID-19

Ezekwesili Promises To Treat Everyone Including LGBTs Equally If Elected

Oby Ezekwesili

The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria has replied Oby Ezekwesili for telling Africans to demand for compensation from China over the coronavirus pandemic.

Ezekwesili had stated in a Washington Post article that China needs to accord damages and liability compensation to Nigeria.

She also revealed that Africa suffered because a rich and powerful nation dialed in its responsibility.

Her article has now been responded to by the Chinese Embassy which stated that no one held the US responsible over HIV and H1N1 flu.

“Did anyone ask the US to offer compensation for the 2009 H1N1 flu, which was first diagnosed before breaking out on a large scale in the US and then spread to 214 countries and regions, killing nearly 200,000 people? AIDS was first reported in the US in the 1980s and then swept across the world, including Africa, causing untold sufferings to countless victims.

“China has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to contain its spread and conduct international cooperation. In this process, China has made tremendous sacrifices, accumulated valuable experience, and made significant contributions to the global response. The international community bears witness to and applauds China’s efforts and progress,” it said.

The Embassy also dissociated China from being accomplice in COVID-19 but a victim of it.

“We must understand that our enemy is the virus, not China. The international community can only defeat the virus by pulling together. Attacking and discrediting others will not save time and lives lost,” Guardian quoted the embassy as saying.

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