Former Ekiti Governor Dumps APC, Returns To PDP

Former Ekiti Governor Dumps APC, Returns To PDP

Former governor of Ekiti State Segun Oni

Former Ekiti state governor Segun Oni on Monday said he was leaving the All Progressives Congress (APC) to rejoin the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Concise News reports that the former National Deputy Chairman of APC claimed that he was leaving the APC due to ill-treatment and lack of respect for his person by the party.

Oni, who was suspended by APC over anti-party activities in 2019, told journalists in Ado Ekiti that his supporters were not considered for appointments and privileges to run for elections.

But the 65 year-old politician did not give the actual date he would formally defect to the PDP.

“You all knew the kind of treatment I have been getting so far. As we speak, none of my supporters was being allowed to get appointment or contest elections in APC,” he said.

“Even if the APC gives me the whole world, I won’t be happy seeing integral part of my political life, I mean my supporters being treated badly as we have come to find it.

“You can imagine, at a particular time, I was suspended in my Ward at Ifaki Ekiti and nothing was said about it.

“Apart from politics, I am the Asiwaju, a high title holder in my town; if someone can have the effrontery to do that to me here, you can see it has sent a signal that there is a problem.

“It’s not about Segun Oni, my people and supporters are the main issue.I can confirm to you that we have taken a decision and we are in the process of joining the PDP.”

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