Charley boy: Children Are great Manipulators



Nigerian entertainer Charly boy, while reacting to a footage of a angry little girl, opined that children are great manipulators, Concise News reports.

In the video which recently surfaced only, the little girl was seen throwing tantrums in the home despite being called to order by her mum, who would have originally flogged her.

Charly boy who came across the video said the situation should be looked into, beyond mere anger.

The entertainer said as an African parent, the first reaction would be to flog the little girl for reacting in such manner, which according to him may be right or wrong depending on their disciplinary tenets.

”While the first reaction of most African parents would be to slap, smack, beat etc her for this unattractive behavior – which may be wrong or right depending on what the parent’s disciplinary tenets are; it is also equally important to look beyond this display of anger – to discipline the child, the child’s school, learning and so on?

“This is just as important as deciding to give birth to a child because the decisions taken by both parents may affect the child’s future – positively or otherwise. What’s more, Children are great manipulators.”

Apart from being an entertainer, Charly boy is known for exposing social ills and being an activist.

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Oyindamola Olubajo is a graduate of Mass Communication passionate about taking you round the world of entertainment in the most interesting and enthralling way.

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