Benue: Police Confirm Killing Of Seven In Boundary ‘War’

Benue: Police Confirms Killing Of Seven In Boundary 'War'

Communal Crisis. IMAGE COURTESY: Nigerian Tribune

Benue is distressed as Police in Ebonyi State have confirmed the killing of seven persons from Ndiagu Orie, Umuguduakpu Ngbo community in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state, Concise News reports.

The Ngbo Community has witnessed decades -long inter communal dispute with neighbouring Agila community in Adọ local government area of Benue state.

Police Commissioner, Awosola Awotinde, confirmed the killings.

It was learnt that properties were also destroyed.

There were conflicting reports on the actual number of persons killed.

Chairman of the Council, Clement Odah, said nine persons were killed.

He accused the people of Agila of flouting the peace pact reached between the two communities.

Odah also called on the National Boundary Commission to hasten up with the boundary demarcation to forestall further loss of lives.

“We believe that demarcation of the disputed land will bring lasting peace to the area,”he said.

The source alleged the attack was carried out by Agila people at about 1:00 pm on Tuesday.

The source said the attackers had emerged from the buffer zone into the community wearing military camouflage.

Some military personnel had been to the community recently in search of a missing Naval officer who had gone missing over a week ago in the area. Hence, the people were tricked.

The source said when the attackers emerged from the disputed land into the community, some community members who saw them felt they were part of the team that had earlier visited the community.

But when the men got close, they unleashed mayhem on the community, going on killing spree.

Meanwhile, Ebonyi State Broadcasting Corporation (EBBC) Correspondent attached to the wife of the Governor of Ebonyi State, Mrs. Pauline Nwaneri said she lost four relatives to the attack.

She called for quick security intervention following the killings.

It was further gathered that the mother of the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Ministry of Information , Eugene Ebonyi was also a victim of the attack.

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