How ‘Living In Nigeria’ Causes People To Die, Man Opens Up

How 'Living In Nigeria' Causes People To Die, Man Opens Up

Nigerian politician, Orji Uzor Kalu in hospital/File Photo

A 35-year-old Nigerian man has claimed that “lots of death” happen in the country’s hospitals because medical personnel do not take patients’ health very seriously.

Concise News reports that the man, who does not want to be named, lamented that health workers in Nigeria are “unruly” and lackadaisical while on duty.

The bemoaner was speaking to Information Nigeria (IN) in an investigative story recently published on its website.

In the report, IN had exposed how the attitude of health workers in Ogun State General Hospital is “killing patients faster than affliction”.

Recounting his experience on how doctors and nurses attended to patients when his mother was placed on admission at the state hospital, the gentleman said:

“The nurses have bad manners; they are always rude to patients,” he started.

“Some go as far as screaming at sick patients.

“While I was at the ward with my mother, on several occasions, I kept reminding nurses that the drip of a patient was finished and needs to be changed.

“You can imagine that kind of negligence,” he says, while his face contours into a frown.

“Most of the nurses are only good at gossiping with themselves on their seats.

“When their attention is needed, they find it difficult to leave their seat to attend to patients in the ward. They hardly treated emergency cases with speed of urgency.

“If they were truly trained as a nurse, they would understand that 3 seconds is a lot of time to waste.

“If some patients had 3 seconds, they could have been alive today. It is a pity but with my experience here, I can boldly state that a lot of deaths that happen in Nigerian hospitals occurred because the patients lived in Nigeria.

“You would never find unruly health workers in foreign countries, and they take patients’ health more seriously.

“Would you blame politicians who travel to foreign countries to treat cough and headache, when health practitioners in Nigeria, who took an oath to save lives are doing the exact opposite?

“Just two days in the ward, I saw more patients die like it was the latest trend.

“I would never forget a young girl who was frequently in pain while her parents watched helplessly, but the nurses did nothing about it.

“Regularly, I would go to meet the nurses to please come to attend to her.

“I got to the ward this morning to hear she had died, just imagine such, in a country that claims to be giant of Africa.”

The Nigerian health system has been evolving over the years through health care reforms aiming to address the public health challenges confronting it. However, the worrisome state of the West African country’s health system remains.

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