Religion, Tradition Have Failed African Couples- Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa (Toke Makinwa)

On-air personality Toke Makinwa is of the opinion that religion and tradition make people see divorce as a disease, even when situation demands it.

Makinwa, though not married, is not new to dishing out marriage advice in her own way.

In a recent episode of her vlog, the 35-year-old reacted to the story of a woman Maryam Sanda who was sentenced to death by hanging for stabbing her husband Bilyaminu Bello, to death with a knife.

Sanda had murdered Bilyaminu who happened to be the son of former PDP chairman, Mohammed Bello, over allegation of infidelity.

According to Makinwa tradition, religion and social pressure have failed Nigerians in the sense that they have been made to stick with “till death do you part” gospels.

The OAP said the religious institution has put people under pressure to stay in marriages even when they see that all is not well.

“The only sanity you can guarantee is yours. Tradition has failed us. Social pressure has failed us. Religion has failed us. Everyone believes that this ‘till death do you part’ really means till you both die,” she said.

“Everyone who gets married wants to stay married forever. But there are some cases where these things are not just what they seem. You might plan to love someone for the rest of your life.

Toke Makinwa (source: Instagram)

Toke Makinwa (source: Instagram)

“But, along the line, things change and you guys don’t necessarily feel the same way. People should look at divorce as not a disease. Even before you divorce, let’s talk about separation.

“Why don’t we preach separation enough? If things are not working, it’s okay for you guys to go your separate ways and try to access things from that end. I’m a big fan of separation.”

The OAP who parted ways with her estranged husband in 2015, said people should be more open about their marriage experiences.

“I know you guys are always saying ‘Why is she even talking about marriage when she couldn’t even keep her marriage?’. Get over yourselves. People should be more open about how they feel,” she said.

“Religious outfits put people under pressure to stay together when they see that it’s not working. Dumb shits keep happening. All that ‘God hates divorce.’ How about ‘God hates miserable people?’

“Tell your parents that you want to see a shrink and they’ll rather take you to church or through the routes of tradition and religious practices that should, as far as I’m concerned, should be abolished.

“Not everything is someone attacking you from the village. Not everything is a satanic attack. People need to stop this ‘Satan is attacking your marriage.’ There’s no shit like that.”

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