EPL: Haaland Explains Why He Snubbed Man United

EPL: Haaland Explains Why He Snubbed Man United

Haaland after signing for Dortmund from Salzburg/Dortmunt Twitter

Borussia Dortmund striker, Erling Haaland has acknowledged the role played by English Premier League (EPL) manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, in his career, but divulged that he opted for the Bundesliga side in January because it ‘was the best option for him’.

Concise News reports that the young Norwegian and Solskjær worked together at Molde, but an interest shown during the last winter transfer did not yield any positive result.

“Ole has been very important for me in getting to where I am today,” Haaland stated in an interview with Viasport .

“But we concluded that Dortmund was the best option for me.

“That was where I felt best about, and therefore it became Dortmund.”

Asked about rumours that United pulled out because of his wage demands, the 19-year-old dismissed such reports, adding: “No, it’s the guys writing would have to speak to that.

“They’ll have to explain it to me if they meet me. It’s not my focus, whatsoever.

“It’s kind of comical if I were to get that label. All the people closest to me know that’s not the kind of person I am.”

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