Northern Borders Grave Threat To Nigeria’s Security – Senator Fadahunsi

Pres. Buhari Speaks On Date For Reopening Nigeria’s Borders

Nigeria-seme border | Image Courtesy NAN

Senator Francis Fadahunsi has claimed that Nigeria’s northern borders are a grave threat to the country, Concise News understands.

Senator Fadahunsi of Osun East said this on Monday in a press statement where he claimed the country’s northern borders aid the proliferation of small arms into Nigeria.

According to the lawmaker, some traditional markets were coverup routes for sales of illegal weapons.

“The routes through which arms and leather weapons come into Nigeria remain unchecked and free because there is no one looking in that direction,” the retired customs boss said.

“The animal market in Portiskum, Yobe State is a coverup route through which weapons are smuggled into the country in bits and large quantities.

“Who checks the camels, donkeys and other animals being moved in through our borders up North? Which papers do the importers of this livestock possess?”

This is as he said, “These external supplies can only survive when there are strong internal collaborators.

“[The] external supply of small arms could be traced to all the porous land and water borders.

“The Malabo routes are still unmanned, effort by the Navy is on Rice and Petroleum products, nothing is heard of arms smuggling which is also prevalent on water routes, from Badagry to Epe, to Warri, to Patani, Sapele, Port Harcourt, Eket, Oron to Lokoja, down to Adamawa and Kebbi inland waterways, all with weak security.”

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Egobiambu Emmanuel is a Mass Communication graduate from the University of Benin. He is a media enthusiast, loves reading and writing, and has a special interest in personal development. Emmanuel is a reporter with Concise News.

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