2023: What God Told Me About Igbo Replacing Buhari – Prophet

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Buhari and Igbo leaders (Image courtesy: State House)

Primate Elijah Ayodele has predicted that the Igbo would not produce Nigeria’s president after Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure in 2023.

Concise News understands that Primate Ayodele is the Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church in Ejigbo, Lagos.

The clergyman said this in a recent chat with the media, noting that the Igbo would always play second fiddle in the country’s political equation.

According to Primate Ayodele, the North Central and the South West will always be obstacles to the Igbo presidency.

“Between themselves, it’s not for the Igbo. I’ll let you know the tribe that will come back. But the north will not relinquish power. They will still battle for it. And that is why I said democracy will beak Nigeria,” he said.

He reiterated that, “The Igbo are wasting their time. They’ll canvass for them but they won’t get it. The North Central and South West will be a problem for Igbo.”

Also, he cautioned a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu to be careful else he might “crumble on the way.”

He said: “This is the word of God. It is not my word. I’m not a politician. It is only a politician that would say this is what he thinks.”

And on the RevolutionNow protest by a former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore, Primate Elijah Ayodele said it is not time for such in Nigeria.

“It is not yet time for revolution in Nigeria. The uprising will come in the nearest future. So it is not this man (Omoyele Sowore) that will do it,” he said.

“He’s just like Nnamdi Kanu fighting for IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu will not be the person to actualise it.”

Earlier this month, a former lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani said Southern Nigeria may lose the 2023 presidency if the South-East and South-West are not united on one candidate for the election.

The former All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain said he would continue to advocate that those in power to respect the principles of rotational power.

Sani made this known in Abuja on Saturday at an interactive session organised by the Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, FCT Council.

Sani said the ruling class was unyielding to the idea of rotational presidency and that it would take only a united South to win the 2023 presidential poll.

He said, “It will be unfair for other sections of the country if one section uses its topographical or demographic advantage to hold onto power, knowing full well that it was not the topography or demographic advantage that delivered them power.

“Rotation of power is what I prescribe and stand for, whether that power goes to the South-East or South-West, it is dependent on the people of the South.

“What I will say is that there is a possibility of producing a northern as President in 2023 if the South-East and the South-West remain divided in their resolve on the governance of the country.

“It is this division that will be exploited by those who are proposing the issue of competence.”

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