Comedian Koffi Shares How Technology Can Handle Piracy

Comedian Koffi Shares How Technology Can Handle Piracy

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One of Nigeria’s A-list comedian, Koffi Idowu, popularly called Koffi has said that Technology can be used to curb the act of Piracy.

He said this in Lagos on Wednesday, August 22nd.

Koffi called stakeholders in the country that they must begin to use barcoding to tackle the menace of copyright piracy of their works.

Barcoding is an automatic identification technology that allows data to be collected rapidly and accurately from all aspects of a company’s operations, including manufacturing, inspection, transportation, and inventory elements.

According to Idowu, the days of physical piracy are gradually dwindling and pragmatic steps in the area of technology must be handled with seriousness.

“Modern trends need to be applied by the right commissions to successfully combat piracy. People in the creative industry need to start barcoding their works.

“We also need to start tracing these works from the sources where they were being stolen.

“We cannot monitor them physically but with technology, we can go a long way,” he said.

Koffi added that the assistance of military personnel was needed to enforce the fight against piracy.

“When we discover warehouses where piracy is being carried out, arrests and sanctions can only be done by the appropriate officials.”

The rise of online streaming platforms has made it difficult to tackle copyright piracy.

Idowu also said that original owners of creative ideas should be constantly orientated on how to protect their works so that they could earn royalties despite the activities of pirates.

Before now, Koffi had once boasted of being a different entertainer among other entertainers in Nigeria.

He said he his latest film, “Mumble Jumble,” will be first viewed by students in 20 universities across the country.

While speaking on his contribution to the entertainment industry, Koffi said he has made his mark on virtually every sector.

“I am the only entertainer, comedian, actor, singer, producer, director that has an award in everything in entertainment,” Koffi said.

“I just play around with everything around me, I have acted different kinds of roles. For me it is just being you. Continuously been you, and that for me is fulfillment.”

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